You Speak With Thunder

A Storm rolls in off the coast. I can see it coming. Dark looming clouds push forward like powerful whirlwinds rolling toward the land, their seemingly malicious intentions unknown. Massive waves crash against the pier, making this stable, man made structure, look as if it were a child's set of blocks that the ocean could rise up, grab and obliterate at at any moment. If a person ever wants to feel small they should stand near the ocean when storm is coming in. For me it feels like staring into an eternity of such intense power that I feel small, fearful. I feel it in my core, and I tremble.

Can you, for a second, imagine that power. Now think about the power that spoke those infinite waves into existence. The power that carved the very nature of their curve, the power that can speak with thunder & lightning.

If a person ever want to feel really small, they should consider God, and tremble.

'Cause You speak with thunder and lightning

Your voice shakes the mountains

The foundations of the earth

All I can offer is this fragile breath

And with each one I'll praise You

With each one I'll praise You more