Hey, I'm Sarah

My Name is Sarah and I love a quite a few thing in life, the first being God and everything that He is, the second my husband, followed by my children, extended family and close friends, then there is photography.

I have been taking pictures since my dad bought my first camera, a Mickey Matic, when I was just 10 years old. Since then my love of photography has blossomed along with my desire to share all things that God has created, beautiful, unique, profound, powerful, and sometimes painful with as many people as possible.

“I want to show the world The beauty that God inspires me with each and every day.”

As a Graphic Designer for over 20 years, and the Creative Director for Torch Designs, LLC, I continue my creative endeavors in every avenue of my life, including illustration, photography, design, painting, and writing. I started this site so that she can share some of my photography, as well as the inspiration that sparks it, with my friends, family, and everyone else who might stubble in this direction. Just remember, if you find yourself reading this, then it was meant to be.

“I’ll never paint the sky as He who Made it” – Sarah L. Farnsworth