Pure At Heart

Is there too much gunk in our hearts for them to be pure?


I definitely struggle with gunk, and junk filtering through my heart. Most people don't know that I like just about every type of music, but one of my favorite types is Hip-hop. Something about the passion, energy, and force of the spoken poetry rhyming with the beet of of a great track, makes me want to dance. It can be so honest to what people really feel; angry, sad, powerful. I love that passionate emotion that is not held back. What I don't like is the negative messages that are prevalent throughout many of the main stream artist lyrics. To me, it's gunk. If I listen to it, I find myself wanting to cuss, wanting to be more angry and aggressive, even being more selfish. None of those things are reflected in a pure heart. I want to have a pure heart, even more then I want to listen to one of my favorite genres of music. My desire should be to flush out all of the grit and grime of the world and all of it's "gunk" and focus on the things that will make me clean.


With that being said, I try my best to avoid those things that are gunky; movies that glorify evil, songs that express hatred, and anything that steals my heart away from truth. Do I always succeed? Nope! Not even close. So, I keep trying. I truly want all the things that are inside me to be clean. Having a pure heart means that I will see God...and WOW, that's a way better place then any lyrical arrangement could ever bring me.


Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.